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About us

San Marco travel d.o.o. is from Belgrade, Serbia. Our head office is situated in Bitoljska street no. 16, local 16, Belgrade and second sales office in Loznica, Drinska 102z. We have travel license OTP 44/2013.

The basic industry San Marco travel works in is tourism. We can offer wide variety of both domestic and international travel options, starting from hotel accommodation, private apartments and room’s accommodation, including guests transfer, field trips, seminars and symposiums organizing, as well as facultative visits to historical sites all over the world.


Our property San Marco villa is located in Becici, on the coast of Montenegro. Villa is suitable both for rest and for joy of all generations. San Marco villa has a total capacity of 36 studios, with the possibility for accommodation 108 pax. Villa is near the hotel "The Queen of Montenegro", cca 400m from the Becici beach. The villa is available to guests all year round, suitable for relaxation and enjoyment for all ages, to accommodate individual guests and for groups.

Come to enjoy together!