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About Serbia - info


The Republic of Serbia, a country in Central and Southeastern Europe, as well as in the southern part of the Pannonian Plain. It has no outlet to the sea, but it does not detract from its merits. It is the perfect place to relax. And you should pay special attention to rest in this country. Buying a ticket to Serbia, you do not need to worry about obtaining a visa, and service quality is not inferior to many European resorts despite a moderate price policy, which is an advantage for guests, and of course, you are going to feel at home, because many here understand and are fluent in English and Russian.

In Serbia, many medicinal natural resources, and this mineral water and healing mud and thermal waters, which combine perfectly with the mild climate, the pure coniferous mountain air and an amazing natural beauty. You will find all the necessary conditions for the treatment of a wide range of diseases: it is a problem in gynecology, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal system, thyroid, metabolism, physical and mental exhaustion, anemia, enhancing and strengthening the general immunity and are focusing on program beauty, rejuvenation and the fight against obesity. There are more than 20 health resorts that are equipped with the latest technology and are not inferior in quality and effectiveness of their services has promoted European resorts.

As it is impossible to ignore the top-class ski slopes that attract lovers of winter sports and recreation. Namely, Mount Kopaonik is the place where has repeatedly hosted international competitions in the sport, here it drained a huge number of fans of extreme sports - annually from November until the end of May. The quality of service, high levels of infrastructure are growing every year and closer to European ski resorts.

And finally, in Serbia, you can spend time with benefits not only for health but also for the soul. Serbia is so diverse and beautiful, do not leave anyone indifferent. You will have the opportunity to experience the rich history of the country, visiting the medieval monasteries and fortresses, as well as to enjoy the natural beauty of national parks and reserves, see the eyes Museum of natural resources in the open air.

Serbia includes a variety of types of tourism and is an excellent example of the combination of price and quality.

Time zone: Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00

Phone code: +381

Currency: Dinar / RSD (1 EURO = ~ 120 dinars)

A visa is not required for the stay less then 30 days

Official language: Serbian

The population: cca 7 million.